Little Journey Organics Banana Apple Apricot with Rice Baby Food Puree (Aldi)

An empty pouch of Little Journey Organics Banana Apple Apricot with Rice Baby Food Puree, from Aldi
This is an excellent, affordable baby food line right here.

By the time I came to grips with the fact that I was going to be the World’s Most Reluctant Father (I had, for 32 years, scoffed at the idea of children), I learned that Aldi would be carrying its own line of baby items, under the adorable Little Journey moniker. One of the ways my wife and I wanted to prepare for the incoming bundle of joy was to get a little taste of the foods he would be experiencing in his young years. No, I’m not talking about formula, but rather the next step up—baby food.

What kickstarted this interest is simple: Aldi carries no fewer than 10 different flavors of baby food under their Little Journey Organics label, and we wanted to try them all. These don’t appear to be just typical baby foods with an “organic” label on them for the sole attempt to drive up the price—in fact, to the contrary, each 4 oz. pouch is a mere $.79. While that price definitely adds up over time, it’s still comparable to other non-organic offerings in that category, and much cheaper than the brand name pouches.

The ingredient list in this one is sparse, as it is with the other ones I’ve tried: organic banana puree, organic apple puree, organic apricot puree, organic brown rice flour, organic lemon juice concentrate…the only non-certified organic ingredient is the added ascorbic acid, which contributes a whopping 130% of baby’s daily vitamin C needs. And that’s everything in it. Pretty healthy roster of stuff, if you ask me (which no one did)!

The main thing that really stands out to me about everything I’ve tried so far in this line, is that, for the most part, all the different flavors get their chance to shine. A lot of times, food and juice products will list four or five different fruits, but you can only taste one or two of them, while the rest just kind of disappear into the background (or are only included to add color or texture). Take this very one, for example: Just because apricot is listed last in the name doesn’t mean that it’s unnoticeable…it is evenly blended with the banana and apple to form a delicious, sweet combination of all three.

It tastes like it starts with the banana and apple mixture before finishing with the taste of apricot. The latter fruit is nowhere near my favorite, but it does provide a great counter to the very sweet apple and banana purees. The rice flour adds nothing to the taste, instead providing a slight “lumpiness” that probably thickens it up a bit, making it feel more like food than juice.

This one isn’t one of my top choices out of the ones that I’ve had so far, but honestly, you can pretty much pick up any one of them across the board and be satisfied with your choice.

Overall: 7.5/10. The sweetness of apple and banana is matched up with the awkward taste of apricot to deliver a pretty tasty flavor combination. This isn’t one of my favorite offerings from the Little Journey Organics line, but it’s still really good, while the $.79 price tag is affordable on almost every budget, and far less than the name brand baby food pouches. Very few ingredients, too, making it very healthy for growing children (and grown adults). Well worth this if you have a little one, or just want a little snack for yourself!


  1. Good, well written reviews here. Aldi didn't carry a line of baby stuff back when my little (well, she's not so little anymore) one was born -heck, I think the closest Aldi was a little over an hour away so I didn't shop there very often back then any way. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how expensive jarred baby food is in regular supermarkets, because I was working 2 jobs and still barely making ends meet I relied on WIC back then, that and a blender with a puree setting.

    Anyway, how's fatherhood treating you?

    1. Thanks for the compliment!

      Oh yeah, we rely on WIC to since my wife doesn't work (although she will be returning soon, part-time), so I know that game. We're very grateful that Aldi started carrying baby stuff because a lot of it is really cheap. My wife isn't a huge fan of their diapers, but she loves the lotions and baby food, and diaper cream.

      We were also thinking about doing the puree thing! Heard about it and that would be a great way to save money, even over Aldi prices for baby food.

      And fatherhood is great! He's teething now, so he gets grumpy a lot more than usual, but he sleeps great at night and is really fun to "hang out" with when he's happy. Way better than I thought it would be, that's for sure.

  2. great, so its cheap. but WHERE is it made and what COUNTRY ARE THE INGREDIENTS SOURCED ?? cant find that info anywhere online. anyone have that info??


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