Little Journey Organics Apple Sweet Potato Baby Food Puree (Aldi)

An empty pouch of Little Journey Organics Apple Sweet Potato Baby Food Puree, from Aldi
I hate sweet potato. I love this.

I am quite an open-minded individual, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables, in that there are very few that I don’t like. On the fruit side, you have coconut—and that’s seriously the only one that springs to mind—while on the vegetable side you have…well…sweet potato. I don’t know why, because my mom likes it, and my wife likes it (and her tastes frequently rub off on me), but no matter how many times I try it (and it’s not often), I just can’t even force myself to like the taste. 

So, needless to say, I wasn’t too enthused to come across Apple Sweet Potato in Little Journey Organics’ baby food line. I was dreading it so much, that I almost broke my vow to try every single flavor, just to avoid having to force this down my throat. But you know what? This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. And what better way to prove my bravery to the fine people of this country, than by drinking something I normally don’t like?

And boy am I glad I did, because not only is this way better than I was expecting, it’s actually very good. Unlike the other varieties we’ve taken a look at up through now, this doesn’t have an added ingredient like rice or yogurt…it’s just straight up apple puree, sweet potato puree, lemon juice concentrate, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), all of which are organic, save for the acid. The apple comes through front and center, like one would expect, and about halfway through the sweet potato joins it. But rather than clashing, or at least grossing out my taste buds with the raw taste of sweet potato, it harmonizes really well. You can definitely taste something else in there, but there’s no way I would have known it was sweet potato if I didn’t read the packaging.

The consistency, and the overall flavor, is almost exactly like applesauce, so if you enjoy apples, chances are you (or your child) will really like this. And for $.79, and 110% vitamin C, the value is extraordinary. This might just be my favorite one yet, despite my initial hesitation.

Overall: 8.5/10. I hate sweet potato, making it about the only vegetable that comes to mind that I don’t like (Just thought of another! Beets). So imagine my hesitation concerning an apple and sweet potato mix. As it turns out, though, it was all unfounded: this is an excellent food…er…drink. The apple takes front and center, while the sweet potato joins in about halfway down the tastebuds; even with the addition, though, it all remains sweet, and you can’t specifically make out that it’s sweet potato (at least I couldn’t). Texture is exactly like applesauce, too, heightening the appeal. Probably my favorite of all the organic baby purees that Aldi offers!