Hype Ultra Mint & Lime Energy Mojito Energy Drink (Big Lots)

A stock image of Hype Ultra Mint & Lime Energy Mojito, from Big Lots
Look in the pages of the bible and I'm pretty sure this is mentioned as a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

Well, Hype, here we are again. I was not a fan of the previous energy drink I tried from you—the rather standard and uninspiring Enlite—but wanted to give you a second shot, although the fact I’m dealing with an energy mojito (?) just seems kind of unfair. I mean, how can a combination of fake mint and lime flavoring be any good?

I’m a little predisposed to hating drinks that knock off cocktails, because really, what’s the point? Unless you’re underage, or have some religious or medical condition that prevents you from drinking alcohol, why would anyone want to drink a beverage that tastes like alcohol, but without all the fun side effects? I mean, are there really that many people that would drink more, if only alcohol was a stimulant, rather than a depressant?  An even more pressing question: Why would a company strive to make an energy beverage that tastes like a mojito, out of all the available cocktails? I guess just because they can?

That being said, this one tastes pretty much exactly like it purports to taste, with a heavy (spear)mint taste (my favorite), combined with some lime. So an “A” for authenticity. It's not a great mojito, mind you, but it's a mojito nonetheless. At the same time, without the “benefits” of alcohol, this is not exactly an inviting taste combination. It’s not chuggable, it’s not delicious, and there’s a rather paltry 80 mg of caffeine per 8.4 oz. can (to an alarming 28 g of sugar), so there’s not really much to give you any kind of elongated boost. In fact, any effects one will feel from the caffeine will probably immediately be undone by the ensuing sugar crash.

Working in its favor, though, is the price: Each can is a mere $.33 at Big Lots stores, which makes it always at least worth a try. The can also has some cool colors on it.

And that's literally it for the positives. I would never scoop this up again, and even at $.33 I find it to be a waste of money. Again, I urge people to give it a shot, because wasting a third of a dollar is way better than wasting whatever its MSRP is (and it's probably well over a dollar per can), but just don't expect much out of it.

Overall: 3/10. The can looks cool, and it's only $.33 per can at Big Lots stores, but that's where all the positives end. The taste would be okay for a low-end alcoholic beverage, but for an alcohol-free energy drink, it's gross, and with none of the “benefits” of getting drunk. Nor are there benefits of an energy burst, because the 28g of sugar paired up with the weak 80mg of caffeine means you're going to have that sugar crash before the caffeine even has a chance to kick in. Come on, Hype: Out of all the cocktails you could have done—and you should have emulated none of them—but if you had to, what in the hell lead you to “mojito”?