Bomba Mixed Berries Energy Drink (Big Lots)

An unopened grenade bottle of Bomba Mixed Berries Energy Drink, from Big Lots
That really is a cool bottle design, although this flavor is pretty lacking.

Previously, I reviewed Bomba's original flavor, and noted that they seemed to offer a lot more than just cool-looking containers; that one blended a good amount of energy-enhancing performance with a very drinkable, though familiar, taste. And you will also note that, at least now through the end of their supply, they are being offered for a mere $.33 per bottle at Big Lots stores, making them even better deals. 

Their Mixed Berries energy drink is also exactly what you would expect from a blue-colored beverage, filled to the brim with the sweet, “standard”, artificial berry flavor that you get from a number of such beverages and candies. The only difference: a little tartness on the finish, which leads to a neutral aftertaste. Much like the “classic” flavor before it, this one also has a rather whopping 28g of sugar, but this one tastes even sweeter, and will probably disgust those without a taste for large doses of sweet. (Drinks like this one are the reason I stopped drinking sugared energy beverages, because the crash always seemed to outweigh the actual rush.)

I did like it at first, and I do have the palate that this caters to, but even I have to admit getting sick of the flavor by the time I (sloooowly) finished the bottle. Again, at just $.33 a bottle, points most definitely must be awarded for value, and I also noticed a little kick of energy (thanks to the approximately 75 mg of caffeine in each bottle) so it does what it sets out to do. The bottle remains ultra cool, too. But even just two flavors in, I can already tell that this will not end up in my list of the favorites, and I probably would not get this kind again.

Overall: 5.5/10. It gave me a little energy boost, and at just $.33 per cool-shaped grenade-style bottle, points must definitely be awarded for value. I mean, where else can you get 75mg of caffeine for so cheap? However, this one is way sweeter than the “classic” flavor, to the point that even my tastebuds—which definitely skewer more towards the sweet—still got sick of it around the halfway point. I guess it's okay if you plan on sipping it slow, but the strong sugar content helps to hinder what could have otherwise been a decent energy drink.