Bomba Classic Energy Drink (in a Cool Grenade-Style Bottle!) (Big Lots)

A blurry image of an empty bottle of Bomba Classic Energy Drink
When filled, it's the same tannish color as most other regular-flavored energy drinks.

Well lo and behold, what do we have here? Something in Big Lots' aisles that actually looks unique and cool? Say it ain't so! It was the grenade-shaped bottles that initially lured my wife and I in; it wasn't until we dipped in for a closer look that we realized it doesn't just look like it's made of glass—it is made of glass! And it's made in Austria! And they are only $.33 each! That probably doesn't even cover the cost of the glass bottle!

When I saw that this was the “classic” energy drink, I'll admit I wasn't entirely sure what that entailed. I mean, not to sound rude or ignorant, but is there a universal standard for what constitutes a “classic” flavor? Obviously, I've harped on and on in reviews about “typical” energy drink flavors here in the States, but do energy drinks taste the same in Austria as they do here?

The short answer to my longwinded question, is yes. Yes they do. As advertised, this is pretty much exactly what you'll be expecting if you've ever had the drink that “gives you wings”, or just about any other “standard” energy beverage across any number of lines. Normally, I ramble on about how bad of a thing that is, but when we're dealing with glass bottles that can be had for a quarter, a nickel, and three pennies, well such criticisms are thrown out the window. It's delicious, and ultra-cheap, which is a win-win!

The downside is that there doesn't appear to be a sugar free option, which is my preference, and Bomba is a good example why: each bottle has a whopping 28g of sugar. And each bottle is a mere 8.45 oz. (250 mL). That's a lot of sugar inside a small container, which typically means that, once the energy rush wears off, I'm more tired than I was before taking a swig. And that's pretty much the exact opposite of the effects I'm seeking when looking for an energy drink. Speaking of energy, the caffeine content is also low, coming in at around 75 mg per bottle. It did give me a little kick, but there's was also a noticeable crash afterwards.

Criticisms aside, these are worth checking out, if for no other reason than the ultra cool grenade-style can, complete with pin, which you actually use to pop open the bottle! That's a nice little touch. It's not every day your energy drink entertains as it energizes.

Overall: 7.5/10. The large amount of sugar, in tandem with a low amount of caffeine (75 mg per 8 oz. bottle) compared to many other energy drinks are the biggest drawbacks. Normally, those two things would probably constitute a dealbreaker. But Bomba at least has a flair for the dramatic, with cleverly-designed grenade-shaped glass bottles that you actually open by pulling the pin! The flavor is exactly as you'd expect from a “classic” drink, and there's also the typical amount of carbonation. Maybe best of all, however, is the price: these are a mere $.33 at Big Lots stores, where they seem to be going fast. Scoop them up now before it's too late!