Moser Roth Milk Chocolate Bar (Aldi)

A packaged bar of Moser Roth Milk Chocolate, from Aldi
WAY better than you would expect...outstanding chocolate for the price.

I have mentioned this before, but for the uninitiated or unaware, Aldi has two main chocolate lines: Choceur, which are their knockoffs of cheaper chocolate brands; and Moser Roth, which is their “premium” line. Moser Roth's chocolate bars look pretty large, and are just $1.99, but take a closer look at the packaging: this is not one large bar but rather five individually wrapped smaller ones. There's still a good amount of chocolate inside, but always figure that's worth noting.

They have many different varieties, but most sway toward the “darker” side, and I just can't get into dark chocolate at all. Which makes sense, considering it's the “healthiest” of all the chocolates; I just don't do well with things that are “healthy” (dark beer supposedly has health benefits, but I hate beer; I like wine, but not red wine, which is also supposedly good for you in moderate amounts; water is a necessity, but unless I'm parched or active, I literally have to force it down in its plain form). That pretty much leaves me with their milk chocolate, which is fine by me, because that's my favorite.

Each bar is unwrapped to reveal a small, delectable bar emblazoned with the “Moser Roth” logo. It looks like a cute little “fun size” bar that you would get as a child, although it's a little bit bigger than that—unless you're having an absolute craving, or are a chocoholic, one bar should be sufficient enough to satisfy your urge for something sweet. Be careful when you handle it, though, because they are always on the cusp of melting. That's a great thing when you're actually eating it, because it starts melting in your mouth immediately, but not so good when you forget that it's in your hand and have a chocolatey mess within seconds.

As for the actual flavor, these are absolutely worlds above your typical impulse-buy-at-checkout-mass-produced chocolate bar. They are very sweet, but not overly so, and are ridiculously rich and creamy, almost to the point of perfection. I don't even chew mine, instead rolling each bite around on my tongue until it naturally melts away, leaving nothing but chocolate heaven in its wake. Curiously, no matter how hard you roll these around on your tongue, or how many times you fold them over, it's virtually impossible to get a piece to break; this is a testament to its flawless, rich texture.

This is definitely one of the best mass-produced chocolates I've ever had, and it's at a price point that just about anyone can afford. If you haven't tried these yet, pick yourself up a bar, and you'll understand how chocolate is supposed to taste. Don't be surprised when you can never go back to national brand chocolate again.

Overall: 10/10. A ridiculously creamy, rich milk chocolate bar that melts on your tongue the instant it enters your mouth. This is seriously one of the best chocolates I've ever had, and at just $1.99 for five individually-wrapped bars, at a price that almost anyone can afford. If you consider yourself a chocolate lover, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give these a try; if milk chocolate isn't down your alley, they have a variety of darks (including one with chili powder) that will have your palate covered. To try it is to fall in love; don't be surprised when you can't go back to the national brand chocolates afterwards.


  1. bummed out that the moser roth white cookies bar
    is gone near me:(

    1. I figured. The Special Buy products disappear pretty quick...our Aldi tends to sell out slower than most and I think September was probably the latest I saw some there. Most others were probably sold out by the end of August.


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