Benton's Double Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Aldi)

A terribly small stock image of Benton's Double Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, from Aldi
Slightly different than the name brand, but still every bit as good.

Who hasn't had the national brand version of these cookies when they were growing up? I wouldn't say it was a staple of our home, but I remember having them on more than one occasion, learning to twist them off and dip them in milk to “improve” the flavor even more. They were one of my favorite cookies as a youngster, but I tend to avoid buying them today (simply because they're unhealthy and don't serve much of a purpose, beyond unnecessary sugars and fat).

Well wouldn't you know it that during our three-day inventory at work, one of the snacks management bought for us were the national brand cookies. I had just recently had myself removed off Adderall, because it wasn't working in the ways it should, but it was working in the ways I didn't want it to (focus might have been improved somewhat, and it was keeping me awake and giving me energy during work hours, but I was losing upwards of five pounds a month because I was losing my appetite). The “medicated” me (I was on the upper for about four months) wouldn't have even thought twice about eating them, but with less of the drug in my system, and a “recovering” appetite, I ate more of these than I should have.

Then, that translated to home. My wife had just purchased Benton's version a couple of days prior during a shopping trip to Aldi. At first, I wasn't really interested in them (although they are great with ice cream and hot fudge), but as my sweet tooth was coming back, I started eating more and more of them. Not a whole lot, mind you, but way more than I normally would have. And since I had just eaten the national brand, I can more or less compare these with a greater lucidity than I would've been able to at any other point in my life.

And all I can say is that the taste is pretty much spot-on. I never compared them directly side-by-side (one was at work and one was at home), but Benton's cookie has that same semi-sweet chocolate taste, while the cream is ridiculously sugary, but oh-so-good. This was probably the first time in a while that I'd even tried them plain—just like the national brand, swirl these around in milk for a softer cookie that melts in your mouth, and that even adds some decadence to the otherwise dry texture.

About the only difference, besides the price, is the appearance: Although Benton's version features cookies that are roughly the same size, theirs have five holes, as well as a “floral” design that is missing from the national brand. But you know the saying about judging a book by its cover: this very product is one of the reasons that quote is still so relevant today. Outside of its slightly different appearance, the taste is so similar that I'm convinced they are made in the same factory as the national brand. And the “double stuffed” in the title is not just a catchphrase: there is a noticeable increase in the cream filling, making these even better than the “regular cream” version.

Overall: 10/10. Aside from some minor differences in appearance (these have holes in them, along with a “diamond” design), these are pretty much exact in taste to the name brand. The chocolate wafer itself is slightly bitter, but with a nice chocolate flavor, while the dairy-less cream is very sweet and, as the name alludes to, is in plenty of abundance. Dipped in milk, they take on the same, soft characteristics of their brand name counterparts, with the cookie soaking up the milk and making these ten times better. If you're into this sort of thing, you're doing yourself a huge disservice by not giving these a may never pay bloated, overinflated prices of the "real stuff" ever again!