Specially Selected Milk Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies (Aldi)

An open box of Specially Selected Milk Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies
Not as good as Godiva's, but palatable for far, far cheaper.

I had never heard of anything like these until I stumbled on them at, of all places, a Godiva shop inside a mall.  For whatever reason, I bought them (they certainly weren‘t cheap, and thus would normally be off my radar), and instantly fell in love with the creamy chocolate and perfectly buttery biscuit.  Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later, I saw a similar product at Aldi!

That was two years ago.  A lot of things have changed since then, most notably the aforementioned Godiva shop closing down, taking with it my memories of their delicious (if ridiculously overpriced) dark chocolate shakes and these very biscuits.  Thankfully, however, Aldi has not shut down, and my wife suggested that we pick these up during a shopping trip.  Not usually one to argue against chocolate, I happily ceded, eager to try them for the first time in a rather long time.

While the taste is nowhere near the level of decadence reached by the boutique chocolatier‘s version (and how could it be?), this is still a pretty delicious little cookie.  The chocolate is made of Utz-certified cocoa; I have no idea what that means, but it’s promoted on the packaging, so it must be a big deal and make sense to a lot of other people.  My biggest gripe has to do with the chocolate, though:  There’s something not quite smooth about the taste; it strikes me as being slightly bitter.  I could understand that if these were dark chocolate, but the fact that it’s supposedly the generally sweeter “milk” variety kind of baffles me.  On the texture front, it gets high marks: it’s a very soft chocolate, and starts melting in your mouth almost instantly.  The butter cookie is also very good on its own; it’s not very crunchy, but it’s not too soft, either, and has a flavor typical of what you would expect of a butter cookie.

I don’t find these to be as addicting as some chocolate products can be, but that ended up being a good thing for me:  After eating one, or two at the most (which is the actual serving size), I was satisfied and had no problems putting them down, at least until the next day.  Of course, that won’t be the case with everyone, but for me, it’s a good little snack when I just want a little bit of chocolate, and don’t want to get carried away.

Overall: 6.5/10.  They’re rather large, and fairly inexpensive, though you only get eight in a package, which is kind of a bummer.  I thought the chocolate, which had a great consistency and texture, and starts melting in your mouth right away, was a little too bitter for me; maybe it’s the interplay between the chocolate and the cookie, but it just tasted a little “cheap”.  Not nearly the best of the chocolate butter cookies I’ve had, but passable for the price, and serviceable as an occasional treat.  It should be noted that these are constantly available as part of Aldi's permanent inventory, so they'll be there whenever you fancy them.


  1. I got the cookies as a gift. Love them.But there wasn't very many cookies in the box. I don't know what they cost, bbut I'll soon find out when I go to Aldi's, if they still sell them.

    1. I'm pretty sure they do sell these year 'round. I believe they're around $1.69, or thereabouts, but I could be wrong, because I haven't tried these again since this review.

      They do sound good though!


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