Dollar Tree Unbranded 40 Sq. Ft. Aluminum Foil (Dollar Tree)

Many boxes of Dollar Tree Unbranded Aluminum Foil sitting on a shelf, ready to ruin your day
It travels in packs, as seen here. Do not approach, under any circumstances.

We usually go elsewhere for our foil needs, but during a recent trip to Dollar Tree, my wife realized that we were completely out.  Rather than make a stop somewhere else just to get some foil, we just grabbed some there.  After all, how bad could it be?

The first red flag is that there’s no brand name.  None whatsoever.  All you can tell from the rectangular red packaging is that it’s aluminum foil, and that there’s 40 square feet of the stuff inside; that’s all the information whoever made it is willing to give you.  After we opened it, we realized why:  Words like “sucks”, and “completely worthless” would not be good selling points, yet they are the only words you can use to describe this dreck.

There’s “bad”, and then there’s this.  It’s absolutely terrible.  Even just touching it, you can tell that something’s not quite right; it’s very thin, very fragile, and threatens to fall apart every time you do something as simple as look at it.  Against all common sense, my wife still decided to use it anyway, to cover up a cake she made for Thanksgiving dessert.  Well by the time we got to our destination, the foil was threatening to fall off of the cake, and in simply trying to put it back on, we ended up puncturing it full of holes.

I suppose if you’re going to be keeping something in a refrigerator, where there’s positively NO chance that it can be bumped, or come into contact with any other thing, this might be a good product for you.  But if whatever you’re carrying under this foil is being touched, or transported, I’d spend the extra money and get your foil somewhere else.  Anywhere else, because, quite simply put, even at a dollar, this is more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Overall: 1/10.  If you just need foil for light duty stuff, you may be able to get away with using this junk.  But if you’re going to be covering something that needs transported, or handled, or has any chance of coming into contact with anything else, spend the extra money for aluminum foil elsewhere.  It’s unbelievably thin, doesn’t hold to the sides of dishes well at all, and falls apart so easily, you’d swear it was a defense mechanism.  Some things just aren’t worth it no matter how cheap they are; these need pulled off the shelves immediately.