Nature's Nectar Blendz Peach & Mango 100% Juice (Aldi)

A bottle of Nature's Nectar Blendz Peach & Mango 100% Juice, from Aldi

I’m a pretty big fan of Nature’s Nectar Blendz line, which consist of 100% fruit AND vegetable juices, a statement that’s based entirely on their strawberry banana version.  The first time I tried it, I was taken aback at how sweet it was, and how accurate the strawberry banana flavor managed to be, even though there were ten different juices in it.  Even though it's one of my favorite juices from the discount grocer, it's not one that I tend to get all the time, instead relegating it to every couple of months when I want something a little bit different from the typical orange and apple juices.

Well on my latest trip to Aldi, I saw that they were offering a new flavor: Peach and Mango!  Now, I love peach, and although I like mango a lot more than I used to (which wasn’t at all), I’m still not sold on being a huge fan.  I went ahead and grabbed it on a whim, as we were getting ready to head to the checkout line and I just remembered that I hadn’t grabbed a juice yet; since this was different, I tossed it into the cart.

It really smells fresh, and the distinct aromas of peach and mango are appropriately front and center.  It’s a very appetizing scent that made my mouth water--and it’s got the taste to match.  This stuff is really fantastic…I have to say it’s one of my favorite juices I’ve ever gotten from the German discount chain.  Its sweetness from the peach is offset a bit by the mango, which gives it a little tartness; as in any great duo, they keep each other in check.  Just as with the strawberry banana one I tried, I’m also impressed with how flavorful and accurate it is even though it’s comprised of juices from four vegetables, and four fruits; I’ve had straight-up juices that weren’t this good.

I’m not sure if these are a constant, or a summer special buy (I’ve only noticed a berry blend being available, along with the strawberry banana, as the only year ‘round options); whether I can pick it up on a regular basis, or have to wait a full year to get it again, I will be getting it a lot in the future.  As much as I like the strawberry banana, I’ve got to say there is a new sheriff in Blendzville!

Overall: 9/10.  A delicious blend of juices from eight different fruits and vegetables that come together to make a surprisingly fresh-tasting concoction that nears perfection.  The sweetness of the peach is counterbalanced by the tartness of the mango.  Easily the best of the Blendz line, and one of the best juices available from Aldi stores…it’s seriously that good.