Deutsche Kuche Alpenkrauter Herbs of the Alps Style Potato Sticks (Aldi)

An opened bag of Deutsche Kuche Alpenkrauter Potato Sticks, from Aldi

After falling in love with their “Reiberdatschi” (whatever that means) potato sticks, I eagerly waited until our next shopping trip to pick up the other variety of their Deutsche Kuche brand potato snacks.  But where the Reiberdatschi’s were described as “hash brown style”, I was way more nervous and hesitant going into this one, as the only description is “herbs of the Alps style”.  What does that even mean?  I’ve never been to the Alps, and I have no idea what kind of things grow there--it just sounded way weird.

I am happy to report that my nervousness and hesitance were unfounded, because these are every bit as good as the Reiberdatschi’s, while managing to be original enough to appeal to a slightly different palate.  This one reminded me more of a sour cream and onion flavor, only describing it on such vague terms is doing it a great disservice, because it‘s way better than any sour cream and onion chip I‘ve ever had.  It’s hard to explain, but there’s a complexity here that’s missing from the other variety, which is certainly welcome.  According to the ingredients, on top of the onion powder, which featured prominently in the Reiberdatschi option, this also has garlic and parsley, which I guess are herbs found in the Alps?  I’m still pretty confused about the whole description, but one thing I’m not confused about is just how good they are.

Like the above variety, these also retail for just 99 cents (for a 4.41 oz. bag), so there’s definitely value to be had.  According to the nutrition label, there are 3 servings per bag, and even though I find these things addicting as all hell, that sounds about right…the one cup serving size is definitely generous, considering how small the individual pieces are, so a cup really amounts to quite a bit.  Just as good as the Reiberdatschi’s, but in a different way, and I would also pick these up again in a heartbeat.  Fantastic stuff.

Overall: 9/10.  Wow.  These are every bit as good as the Reiberdatschi version, but also different enough that it can appeal to a different palate.  The bag describes it as “herbs of the Alps” style, which didn’t give me much to go off of, but the ingredients list onion and garlic powders, with parsley as the main flavors.  To summarize the flavor for the masses, the taste kind of reminds me of sour cream and onion, though it’s much better than any sour cream and onion chip I’ve ever had.  One of the few products that I will make sure to buy every time it’s made available at Aldi.