Chef Ernesto Vegetable Samosas (Dollar Tree)

A stock image of Chef Ernesto Vegetable Samosas, from Dollar Tree
If this is a good example of a samosa, then no thanks.

I’ve got to be honest with you:  I have no idea what a “samosa” is.  I’ve never heard of one, vegetable or otherwise.  But I thought it was great that Dollar Tree is offering some vegetarian items, and so, along with their veggie burgers, I decided to give these a shot.

For $1 you get about eight rather small samosas.  Still, I felt it was a generous amount for a dollar.  The outside appearance reminds me a lot of crab Rangoon (or wontons), the cream cheese and/or crab-filled appetizers at most fine Chinese establishments.  The box itself describes them as vegetable-filled dumplings, which I think sounds very disgusting; for some reason, the term “dumpling” just does not sound appetizing to me, no matter how or where it’s used.

While microwaving was an option for preparation, I decided to go the oven route, to make sure that the outside cooked up nice and crisp.  I usually like using dipping sauce for these kinds of things, but I decided to go commando, just because I felt I didn’t have a sauce that was right for this.  Ranch is my go-to condiment, but I was more feeling a sweet and sour sauce, which I don’t have.

The crunchy outside was surprisingly good, as it was so hot out of the oven, that’s all I could get for a few seconds.  Usually, I feel like the exteriors of products like this, especially cheap ones, are just bland, but this actually had a pleasant flavor.  All the pleasantness was gone when I hit the filling in the middle…”ginger” is listed in the ingredients, and I’m pretty sure that’s the culprit that ruins these.  It has a completely unnecessary sourness to it that tastes like the vegetables inside were cooked in human sweat first.  I managed to force down four, in the hopes that I would get used to the taste.  And while I guess I did, in the way that you get used to the smell of baby diarrhea the more you clean it up, or the way a medic kind of gets used to the smell of death after visiting so many crime scenes, I would never get these again.

Overall: 2/10. Gross.  The filling, which is filled with otherwise delicious vegetables, also tastes heavily of ginger, which gives it an unnecessary sourness that makes them pretty much inedible.  This is a shame, because the crunchy outside is actually pretty good, and you get about eight of these in a package; even though they’re small, it’s certainly not bad for a dollar.  I really liked Chef Ernesto's veggie burgers, but I wouldn’t go near these ever again.