Nature's Nectar Berry Blue Smoothie (Aldi)

A bottle of Nature's Nectar Berry Blue Smoothie, from Aldi
It's more of a "juice" than a "smoothie" and tastes pretty uninspiring.

I’ve already mentioned a few times that I go nuts for these Aldi-brand smoothies--I’m always sure to try them ASAP--so let’s take a look at their Berry Blue, which my wife was more excited to try than I was, berries being her favorite fruits, and all.

Unlike the strawberry-banana smoothie, this one is way more watery; its texture is much closer to a juice than an actual smoothie.  This put off my wife from the outset, as she prefers Naked’s version, which is super-thick.  The matter of texture doesn’t really bother me all that much, so when my wife was inevitably disappointed, citing it was “too sweet”, I eagerly agreed to finish off the rest.

All I have to say is, she’s right.  We tend to have totally varying taste buds, but we both were in agreement that Berry Blue falls well short of the mark.  On top of it being really sweet, it has a rather bizarre aftertaste; just like Nature‘s Nectar‘s Mango smoothie, which tasted peppery, this also has a spicy aftertaste that I found rather gross.  Ironically, I did drink this with dinner one night (I tend to sip these alone), and found that it actually complimented the flavors of the meal pretty well; I ended up chugging half the bottle with little problem.  Thinking maybe I was swayed by my wife’s opinion, I gave it another shot the next night, drinking it alone, only to discover that I was indeed right the first time, and that this isn’t very good at all.

Poor wife.  Both of her Nature’s Nectar smoothie knockoffs have been pretty bad, while both of the ones I’ve been looking forward to have been pretty good.  Maybe one of these days they’ll make one that we can both agree on!

Overall: 5.5/10.  It’s not quite as bad as the offensive terribleness of their mango smoothie, but Nature’s Nectar’s Berry Blue Smoothie is not very inviting.  It’s very sweet, and also has a weird “spicy” aftertaste that leads to a rather off-putting aftertaste.  The “smoothie” part of the title is rather misleading, as this has a consistency that’s more akin to a juice…it’s barely even thick.  Blackberries and blueberries are my wife’s favorite fruits, and we both agreed that, while you can kind of detect those flavors, they aren’t as front and center as they should be.  Even at $2.49 per bottle, substantial savings over the main brands, I wouldn’t waste the money.