Coco Bay Coconut Rum (Aldi)

A bottle of Coco Bay Coconut Rum chilling on a shelf inside an Aldi store
You don't have to go to Malibu to get some decent cheap rum.

I’m all for the cheap liquors.  While I sometimes enjoy getting some heavier stuff (i.e. 80 proof and up) to get a nice buzz (or occasionally, a drunk) on, other times I just want to relax with something refreshing, just to take the edge off.  Of course, state laws prevent Aldi from selling anything above a certain ABV percentage, so while you won’t find anything that will get you nice and hammered, they do have great year ‘round options to cover those searching for a light, relaxing drink.

As you can tell from the similar colors of the bottle, Coco Bay is a knockoff of the Malibu brand of rum, which is generally in the $12-14 price range, depending on the state.  Similar to that brand, Coco Bay is 14% alcohol, yet retails for almost half the price, coming in at just $6.99 in Ohio.  That’s $3 cheaper than the next cheapest coconut rum I’ve seen, which was $9.99 on sale.  This makes it an excellent deal on paper, but how does it stack up on the most important aspect:  Taste?

I’m definitely no alcohol connoisseur, but making a drink with Coco Bay is absolutely simple:  Splash in some cranberry, tropic, pineapple juice, or perhaps a combination of all three, and you have yourself the perfect summer drink.  Since there’s not a strong level of alcohol, the drink goes down smooth, and it can be easy to forget there’s even any alcohol in the drink to begin with!  When taken straight out of the bottle, the very sweet (no doubt artificial) coconut flavor is at the forefront, as it should be, with only a slight alcohol finish toward the end.  Really, if you like the main brands, chances are you are going to love this, especially given its very inexpensive price point.  If you don’t…well this one is too similar to win you over.

Overall: 7.5/10.  Great for what it is: An inexpensive, low ABV coconut rum knockoff.  It goes down smooth and easy, and can easily be blended with just about any form of juice to make a quick, refreshing summer beverage.  Even shot straight, it’s sweet, and tastes largely of (artificially flavored) coconut, with only a slight bitter alcohol finish toward the end.  This is a must-try for those on a budget, but don’t get too addicted to it, as it’s only available throughout the summer months at select Aldi stores.


  1. How long will it keep in the refrigerator once it is opened

    1. I'm not sure. Most alcohol has a long shelf life after being opened...I would expect it to keep a while, but don't know specifically how long.

      And really, does alcohol ever go bad? Just add more mixers if it tastes weird, haha.

  2. Very long time more than a 3years. I don't think alcohol goes bad. Maybe it might loose a little flavor. Mine has not.

    1. Yeah, that's what I thought, too. A while back I had some stuff sit in the fridge for at least a couple years before, and unfortunately, it still tasted the same when I finally wound up the courage to try it again, lol.


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