Fusia Sweet & Sour Chicken (Aldi)

A stock image of Fusia Sweet and Sour Chicken, from Aldi
The item on the left is what I'm reviewing here, ladies and gentlemen.

I have reviewed a few items from Fusia’s Asian-themed line, and find them to be decent values for the price.  Of course, you’re not going to get authenticity out of any of their frozen dishes; all of them seem to be formulated with American taste buds in mind.  But for what they are, they tend to be on par with cheap Chinese fast food establishments (i.e. Panda Express, and similarly terrible places).

Their Sweet and Sour Chicken entrée is no exception.

Now, the one thing that confuses me, is sometimes I’ve seen their entrees come with rice, and other times, the rice is absent.  Even more baffling is that the ones that come with rice seem to be $1 cheaper, yet are just as filling.  Anyway, this is one of them that does NOT come with rice, so you’re looking at $4.99 for what amounts to a bunch of chicken, with a generous pouch of sweet and sour sauce.

Out of the oven, the chicken is pretty crispy, though visually it’s just as off-putting and questionable as most Chinese chicken products are.  The included sweet and sour sauce is more sweet than sour, but goes down easy and tastes good.  Just like most mass-produced Chinese dishes (including those from the aforementioned “fast food“ Asian places), the sauce isn’t anywhere near memorable, but it’s not supposed to be; it’s simply made straightforward and safe so as to appeal to the most amount of people possible.

The chicken, by itself, is rather bland, but I guess the whole point is to douse it in the sauce, which certainly makes it more palatable.  As I mentioned earlier, there are generous helpings of the sauce. I tend to eat half of the dish right out of the oven, and then save the rest for tomorrow, and there is always enough sauce leftover to re-douse the rest of the chicken the following day.  Honestly, I feel like this tasted even better reheated a day later, though that just could have been due to my intense hunger.  The main downside to reheating it is that the chicken gets soggy and even more questionable, but at least all the flavors are still there.

Overall: 6.5/10.  It’s filling, there’s lots of food here, and also a generous amount of sweet and sour sauce.  I’m recommending this for people who just want something quick and easy; it tastes good, and can be thrown together in under twenty minutes.  It’s just that this is nothing more than dime-a-dozen frozen Chinese food.  The sweet and sour is more sweet than sour, and reminiscent of millions of Chinese restaurants the world over.  The chicken is questionable to begin with and, the longer it goes uneaten, gets soggy and even more questionable.  It also doesn’t come with rice, like some of the Fusia entrees do, yet costs a dollar more than those.  Granted, there’s a lot of chicken here (I had enough for two servings), and rice isn’t expensive, but still something to be aware of.