Appetitos Corn Nuggets Frozen Appetizer (Aldi)

A badly-lit photo of Appetitos Corn Nuggets Frozen Appetizer, from Aldi
A bad picture, and a bad product.

I’ll be honest here: I wasn’t entirely excited about this purchase, but the wife really wanted to try them, so I decided to give in and get them.  Now don’t get me wrong:  Corn is one of my favorite things in life.  I love Aldi’s canned corn, I love frozen corn out of a bag, I love corn fresh off the cob…really, name the ways there are to experience corn, and those are pretty much all the ways that I enjoy it.  However, corn deep-fried into breading?  Now you’re pushing it.  But hey, I figured maybe it would be better than it sounds.

It’s not.  Now, it’s not that it’s really bad, per se, it’s just completely unnecessary:  The corn inside is a super-sweet creamed corn, and the outer breading is just typical breading.  I’m baffled as to how this is packaged up as a side dish, except for the fact we, as Americans, seem to enjoy anything deep fried into breading.  It’s absolutely pointless, and we both got sick of them about five pieces in.

For the most part, Aldi’s Appetitos’ line are average frozen side dishes (though their cream cheese jalapeno poppers, which I somehow haven’t written about yet, are every bit as good as any you’ve ever had), but these are just a pointless misfire.  Instead of this, just get some creamed corn and be done with it; if you still have to have this, put creamed corn on top of toast.  There.  Same basic idea, and I saved you a whole bunch of calories.  And in case you're wondering:  My wife was very disappointed with these, as well.

Overall: 2/10. What’s the point?  Super-sweet creamed corn deep-fried into breading.  I absolutely love corn, but this just feels like a science experiment gone wrong; the breading adds absolutely nothing to it, and there are no enclosed sauces to add anything in the way of flavor, either.  If you’re contemplating getting this, just grab a can of creamed corn and call it a day.