Kitchen Living Digital Scale (Aldi)

A dimly lit photo of the Kitchen Living Digital Scale, from Aldi
Poor photo, but you get the idea.

As I think I’ve alluded to in previous posts, my wife and I started a candle business a couple of years ago.  Since our business is very small “scale” (pun intended), we decided that we just needed a basic kitchen scale to measure out our wax.  Lo and behold, Aldi happened to be offering one just when we needed it!  Without much hesitation, we decided to pounce on it.

Their Kitchen Living scale retails for $10, and works well for us.  While I haven’t had this nearly as long as I had the monitor featured in my previous review, I can say that after a year, it’s still holding up very well, and has given us no problems; the digital readout is clear and very easy to read, and the weights are very accurate, allowing us to make candles with very little wax waste.

Really, all I needed was a very basic kitchen scale, and this even goes beyond that.  For its price, it has quite a few features, including weights in ounces or grams, a mode for weighing milk (in ounces or milliliters), and a separate mode for weighing water (also in ounces or milliliters).  I never stray from ounces in the “weight” mode, but it’s good to know that if I ever needed to weigh something else, it would have me covered.

There is a 7 lb. weight limit, which is just about the only downside, though in all honesty, I’ve never even come close to exceeding that.  This means that if you’re looking to weigh heavier objects, this probably won’t be for you, although if you know you’re going to be weighing heavier items, you’re probably not looking at kitchen scales to begin with.  Once our business picks up, we’ll probably have to look at other options, but for right now this one is perfect and gets the job done well.  The fact that the top is made of glass could also be a problem, at least in households with children, or clumsy owners.  That being said, the glass top also makes it very easy to keep clean, which is another plus.

Overall: 8.5/10.  I’ve only owned this for a year, but it gets some pretty consistent use, and has not faltered.  The digital readout is very clear, and easy to read, and most importantly, the weights are very accurate, allowing us to make candles without a lot of wax waste afterwards.  It has several modes, allowing you to weigh in ounces, grams, or milliliters, and it even has separate “milk” and “water” modes.  I probably could have gotten away with an even more no-frills scale, but for $10, this one has been worth its “weight” for us (pun intended).  Highly recommended.