Clancy's Four Cheese Focaccia Sticks (Aldi)

A stock image of Clancy's Four Cheese Focaccia Sticks, from Aldi
Enjoy this nice stock picture.  This review pertains to the item hidden in the back.

I eat potato chips pretty much every day for lunch at work.  I know, I know, not exactly the healthiest thing, but guess what?  We’re all going to die anyway.  So why not eat things you enjoy while you’re awaiting death?  Besides, the mall food court doesn’t really provide many healthy alternatives.

Unnecessarily dark intro aside, since I eat them all the time for work, I’m pretty much potatoed out by the time I get home.  But I still like enjoying a crunchy snack every once in a while, to hold me over between meals, or to help me drown out the sorrow of a terrible work day.  That was the thought process that lead me to pick these up on a recent trip to Aldi.  That, and they were seductively placed by the checkout counter…who can say no to impulse buys?

I’m pretty sure I’ve had these before, but I don’t remember them being this good.  They are addicting on just about all levels.  In terms of appearance, the best way to describe them would be as long strips of croutons, as they have the same crunch and consistency as the popular salad toppers.  In fact, tossing these on a salad (or in a soup) would actually be a stupendous idea, as they would add some fantastic flavor.

In terms of taste, I can best summarize it by saying they taste exactly like Aldi’s own Cheese Garlic croutons (available under the Tuscan Garden brand name), but without the garlic, a fitting flavor for a four-cheese product.  I will say I slightly prefer the Cheese Garlic croutons, because I find the addition of the garlic to give it a slightly more addicting kick, but these are definitely delicious, and I still found it hard to put the bag down.  This is also the only “bread” where I actually looked forward to getting the end pieces…they’re a little smaller, but twice as crunchy, and they’re somehow also loaded with twice as much delicious seasoning.  If only they’d make a bag of just the end pieces!

Overall: 8/10. A very addicting snack that makes a great substitute for potato chips (taste wise…healthwise they’re similarly bad for you).  These would also be great to use in soups or salads.  They’re very crunchy (think croutons in terms of texture), but also packed with a delicious cheese flavor.  Not quite as addicting as Tuscan Garden’s Cheese Garlic croutons (also available at Aldi stores), but I still had a hard time putting the bag down.  Definitely recommended if you like this sort of thing.  And my "this sort of thing", I mean things that are delicious.


  1. Just found your blog and wanted to say that I really enjoy it. Wish I would have stumbled upon it sooner. I was lured in by the review of mister plumber. It's awesome to only pay $1.00 vs $4.99 for a product that works just as well as the national brand and at a fraction of the price. I hate that we have to pay so much for marketing and such, it feels like such a ripoff on some things.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Your reasoning is partially why I started this blog...I couldn't believe the price people pay for some things, when they can get it for so much cheaper elsewhere.

      It still boggles the mind. I started doing it out of necessity when I was broke and living on my own, but now I continue to do it because it doesn't make sense to pay more. Plus, like you alluded to, a lot of the high prices are due to advertising, or just ridiculous price hikes that supermarkets use to take advantage of their customers. In a lot of cases, it costs them just as little to make as the private labels, but they have to cover all those costs somehow.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment!


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