Nature's Nectar Peach Orange Mango 100% Juice (Aldi)

An empty bottle of Nature's Nectar Peach Orange Mango 100% Juice, from Aldi
Not quite as good as the Pineapple Orange Banana varietal, but a tasty juice in its own right.

I am not really a fan of mango.  I had the fruit once, and that was enough to know I would be fine if I never tried it again.  Yet for some reason, I don’t mind mango when it’s an ingredient in certain things, especially juices.  I’m not exactly sure how that works, but that’s how it works.

Well enough about my random mango intro.  I didn’t mince words in my review of Nature’s Nectar’s Pineapple Orange Banana drink, calling it ‘my favorite of all Nature’s Nectar juices’.  Like that one, their Peach Orange Mango is also a Special Buy, which means that it is only available for a limited time throughout the year, and while I can’t say this did as much for me as the Pineapple Orange Banana, it’s still a very fine addition to the Nature’s Nectar juice line.

Much like POB, POM is also made up of 100% juices with no sugar added, which definitely gives it a very fresh, authentic taste (though there are a few other added juices beyond the three titular stars, such as apple, grape, and pineapple that are used to round out the flavor).  But for those that might have been off-put by the sweetness of the Pineapple Orange Banana, this version puts orange a little higher up the ingredients list, meaning this juice is much more tart than sweet.  This probably helps to explain why they are generally offered during the same Special Buy cycles, as each one covers a different palate and focuses on the different tastes of the consumer.

Despite the name, which puts peach in the front, it definitely seems to have a much stronger orange flavor, with the remaining fruits revealing themselves later.  Even though I would say it’s fairly well balanced, I didn’t find it as smooth as the Pineapple, as with the orange comes the extra acidity, as well.  However, the mango and peach do their best to soften out the orange with their respective sweetness, and the end result is a very drinkable juice beverage that, if it weren’t for the Pineapple, I would definitely get a lot more often.

Overall: 7.5/10.  Though, in my humble opinion, not quite as smooth or well-balanced as their Pineapple Orange Banana juice, Nature’s Nectar’s Peach Orange Mango juice is an excellent addition to their line, and one I would definitely recommend.  The orange seems to take center stage here, but the peach and mango are still noticeable, edging out the tartness with their respective sweetness.  Unfortunately, this is only available occasionally as a Special Buy, but would make a very refreshing beverage come spring or summer.