Circuit Slim Jewel Cases (Dollar Tree)

An unopened package of Circuit Slim Jewel Cases, from Dollar Tree
Underneath that packaging, there's probably five broken jewel cases.

I feel like I’ve been giving Dollar Tree the shaft.  Even though I love the place, most of the few reviews I’ve posted about them have been overwhelmingly negative…so I guess the old adage that people are more apt to write about a bad experience than a good one is true.  So I’ll make a note to myself to start reviewing more positive products from the Tree.

However, in the meantime, here’s another negative review, because these slim jewel cases are absolute crap to the point that they should immediately be taken off the shelves because they serve no justifiable purpose whatsoever.  If they don’t all break as you’re ripping off the cellophane wrapper, then they’ll just break the moment you open them.  Seriously.  Out of the first five I purchased, all but one ripped in half the first time I opened them, and I even made sure to open them gently.  I know that even standard jewel cases fall apart some times, and it’s just a matter of setting it back on its plastic hinge, but that’s the problem--it’s the hinge that rips off, with little to no force required at all.

I honestly can’t think of a reason why you should even buy these.  I bought a few because I’m burning some DVDs for a friend, and I didn’t have an extra spindle handy, nor did I want to just give them a handful of unprotected discs.  I guess they will at least manage to protect the bottom from scratches, so that’s a plus, but I have a feeling most won’t even make it to their intended recipient with a top cover.  It’s a shame, because if these were even halfway decent, they would have been a good value.  As it stands, if you really need a slim jewel case, go to your local big-box office retailer, and just purchase their store brand.  Or if you have some time to kill, just look for similar products on Amazon or eBay.  I’ve seen high-rated cases go for about the same price per piece.  Shipping will hike it up a bit, but at least you’ll be paying for something that you can actually use.

Overall: 0/10.  A terrible, terrible product.  A vast majority of these fall apart after being opened for the first time, making them pretty much useless, unless you never plan on opening them.  So bad, they should immediately be pulled off the shelf.

NOTE: Since this review, they now offer these in 4-counts instead of five.  While I suppose they could have removed one to make a higher quality product (as it's now 25 cents per piece instead of 20), I just have a feeling their costs went up so they removed one to maintain the dollar price point.  If anyone checks out the four counts and has anything positive to say, please let me know.  I know I won't be taking the chance again.