Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars (Aldi)

An opened package of Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars, from Aldi
This stuff is delicious.

If there’s one general item carried at Aldi that you can pretty much count on it not disappointing you, it’s their chocolate.  Seriously.  I’ve known this for years, and at first thought I was just in on a “best-kept“ secret.  How can a discount grocer offer chocolate that blows away even most brand-name chocolates?  However, since first laying my salivating taste glands on these chocolates about five years ago, I’ve heard many people echo the same sentiments, with most of these people hauling in two or three times the salary I make (which isn’t hard to do).  You know a discount grocery store is doing something right when you have people that otherwise wouldn’t be caught dead in your store, going there just to buy chocolate.

So, flash-forward to the present.  On a recent trip to the store, my wife decided to pick up a pack of Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars, which are strategically stashed at the checkout counter.  While these were mainly purchased for her, I’ll admit I was a little intrigued--sandwiched between the top and bottom chocolate layers, are two crispy wafers (hence, the “crisp“ in the title), but hidden between those, is a thin layer of hazelnut.  Thinking back, I realized I don’t really know too much about hazelnut, or its flavor, so I decided to dig into one to check them out.

It only took one bar to realize that these things are just about perfect, but that didn’t stop me from eating just about half the box (these packages contain ten generous-sized “bars”, which recall a shape, and even a slight similarities in flavor, that are reminiscent of a Kit-Kat).  While the hazelnut and crisp middle are certainly an integral part of the candy, and pack a nice added bit of flavor, it’s the chocolate that stole the show for me.  It’s perfectly sweet, which can sometimes be a delicate balance; I hate the bitter taste of dark chocolate, yet chocolate that’s too sweet, or fakey, is also a huge turn-off.  But perhaps its best quality is just how silky smooth it is:  Think of the melty, creamy chocolate of a Dove bar, and you’ll be pretty darn close.  If you are a fan of hazelnut, or even just chocolate in general, you owe it to yourself to let your taste buds absorb in some of this stuff!

Overall: 9/10.  A delicious chocolate bar that seems to borrow its M.O. from a Kit-Kat bar…only to throw in a little bit of hazelnut that adds some delectability to its flavor.  The chocolate here is silky-smooth and melts in your mouth, while the hazelnut comes through between the satisfying crunch of the wafers.  Add in the fact that a ten-pack can be had for under $2, and this makes it a must-try for any chocolate fans.